Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How Technology is changing lifestyles of people

In this fast growing era, technology is changing rapidly day by day. Earlier what people used to use, is very different from now. For example earlier people use mobile phones for only receiving and making calls but now a days mobiles phone are not limited to calling purpose only, various technologies are added in it.

Each year a new technology replaces the old one. Now we can do shopping, learning and entertainment by a single touch of a button with the help of the smartphones without leaving the comfort of our homes. By using the advanced technologies even children are becoming more smarter than ever. The most important contributions that changes the lifestyles of people are from the world of electronics. As someone says “change is the only constant thing”.

It has been predicted that in the year 2036 computers will began to do the work of humans. It seems strange but true!. Technology is changing in every field including education sector, agricultural sector and other sectors and is adapting the modern technology increasingly which benefits a lot. 

In education sector now we can learn online at our home through online study. Various study materials are available over the internet now a days that if used in a proper way is worth the thousand books. Believe it or not, the internet has grown the fastest in this world. It took 38 years for radio to reach the people, 13 years for television and just 4 years for the Internet. Even no need to access internet from our desktops. 

We can access internet through our smartphones at very high speed now a days what we call as 4th generation speed. Some good examples are good to notice that shows the impact of technology on our lives. Earlier we use the postage stamp to send the greetings to someone or our relatives. But now E-card has replaced the traditional methods. Even no need to do this we also send our personalized card through social networking sites. 

Now we can access responsive websites, information, news, education sites, e-commerce sites etc, anytime and any where through smartphones. We can also access television anytime and any where through smartphones.  There is no need to stick in front of a big television set. Also now a days television signals we receives directly come from satellites, no need of antennas and cables as in early years. There are lots of other technologies are coming soon that will be nothing like a dream that we even not able to think of that. It will be one step forward to our thinking.

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